parking3Parking is admittedly a challenge here at The People’s Gallery. Metro Transit buses including the 16 pass directly in front of the building and stop at the corner of Franklin Ave.  The light rail Green Line has stations two blocks on either side of the gallery – disembark at either the Westgate station and go east, or the Raymond Avenue station and go west.

Parking is free on two sides of our block.  Parking meters are installed all along the University Avenue side of the building.

If the block’s perimeter is full, your next best bet is Pelham Blvd, which has free parking on both sides of the street. Additionally there is a lot off of Pelham (green box) where you can park which almost always has some space.

Another location where you may park is about half a block down University Avenue on the north side (green box).

When crossing Franklin or University Avenues, be sure to use the crosswalks indicated on the map. Safety first!

Do NOT park in the Jimmy John’s or Memorial Blood Center parking lots.

Finally, handicapped access to the building is located on the Franklin Avenue side by Cromwell (see symbol). Please contact us for assistance entering the building this way.

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